Volvo Duett, Serving Society

Our ongoing exhibition ‘Volvo Duett, Serving Society’ will continue until April at Volvo Museum.

The Volvo Duett was Volvo’s very first station wagon and was designed as a car that could be used both as a professional vehicle during the week and as a comfortable family sedan away from work.

Volvo Museum has borrowed cars from the Swedish State Railways, the Swedish military and the Swedish police, all of whom used Duetts in the mid-20 th century. We have recently added one more Duett to the exhibition.

“We are pleased to dedicate a whole exhibition to a vehicle which has played an important role in so many different professions. The exhibition is so popular that we have decided to prolong it until April” says Sören Nyeboe, Director at the Volvo Museum.

‘Volvo Duett, Serving Society’ will be on display throughout the whole summer to the spring 2019.