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  1. Special Exhibition – Volvo P1800 60 years!

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    A collectible and celebrity

    The P1800 is a true legend. We are proud to celebrate its 60th anniversary with a special exhibition about this fantastic car. Among the enthusiasts it is debated if the P1800 Coupé or the 1800ES is the most beautiful. We leave it up to you to decide for yourself. This Volvo model became very famous as a result of its role in the films about “The Saint” in which the hero Simon Templar (Roger Moore) drove the car.

    About the Volvo P1800

    It was in early 1959 when Volvo presented a new sports car. This was exactly two years after the previous attempt with the Volvo Sport, with a body made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester. As Volvo did not have the capacity to build the car itself, production during the first years was contracted to England. A company called Pressed Steel made the bodies, while final assembly took place at Jensen Motors. Assembly of the P-1800 was then transferred to Gothenburg and Lundbyverken in 1963. This was made possible since the production capacity was heavily improved by the new Torslandaverken which was inaugurated in 1964. In connection with this, a S was added to show that it was built in Sweden. Also the body production was transferred to Sweden and Olofströmsverken in 1969 in connection with that the 1800E was launched.

    WELCOME to the Volvo P1800 60 years

    – Special exhibition!