- Recommended last entry time is 45 minutes before closing time. This will allow you enough time to enjoy the exhibition.
- There is free parking just outside the museum.
- If you are in need of a wheelchair, please contact us and make a reservation.
- It is not possible to book admission tickets in advance.
- Dogs are not allowed in the museum (apart from guide dogs).

Opening hours


10 am-5 pm


11 am-4 pm

Closed: Christmas Eve/Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve/Day, Good Friday, Midsummers Eve/Day.

Different opening hours on certain public holidays may occur.


Volvo Museums Vänner

Volvo Museums Vänner (Friends of Volvo Museum) is an association consisting of Volvo fans who all help us to support the Museum. Thanks to their work we get help to find, restore and maintain vehicles suitable for our collection. As a member you can take part in lectures, test driving, visits to misc. Volvo sites etc. Why don’t you join?

Volvo Lastvagnar Veteranfordonsklubb

Volvo Lastvagnar Veteranfordonsklubb is a club of former employees of Volvo Truck Corporation and its subsidiaries or predecessors. The objective is to proactively own, maintain and renovate vintage Volvo Commercial vehicles and support social activities among the members.  The club also takes part in and arranges rallies. The collection of vehicles consist of around 30 vehicles older than 30 years.  s