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Exhibition – Volvo in the Service of Society!

January 17, 2023

The exhibition opens on 18 January and is open until further notice. Visitors can enjoy special vehicles and artefacts from the Police, Emergency Services, UN, Armed Forces and more. Please note that the heavy vehicles are found in the entrance area and the rest of the exhibition is continued on the 2nd floor. Many of the vehicles have been borrowed from both private persons and companies and they have never been displayed in this constellation before.

About the exhibition

With the changes brought about by today’s rapid digitalisation, it is easy to forget what a huge difference motor vehicles made in 20th century society. Before the police car, patrolling involved an officer walking a predetermined route on foot. The fire truck radically improved the ability to put out fires. Bus routes opened up new opportunities for working or studying further from home. Ambulances saved lives by getting people to treatment quickly, and have since evolved to provide care directly and en route to a hospital. For nearly 100 years, Volvo has been supplying workhorses to municipal, governmental and other community services.

A sneak preview on some of the veihicles displayed

Volvo P210 Duett Post Office Van 1968:

The Post Office Duetts had a yellow body and, like SJ’s cars, black painted front fenders. The 1968 model was the last Volvo Duett to be sold in Sweden, the final examples were produced in February 1969. This car began its service at the Post Office in Borlänge in 1969. In 1980, the car was transferred to the Post Museum’s collection. At the end of the 1990s, this Duett was restored and has not been used since.

Volvo TP21:

The nickname “Terrain Suggan” explains part of what the TP21 is: a four-wheel drive version of the PV800 series “Taxi Suggan” with a modified body and shortened chassis. Although production ceased in 1958, the last examples were in Swedish Military use as late as the 1980s. This example is on loan from the Swedish Defence Vehicle Museum “Arsenalen” in Strängnäs.

Volvo LV70 Fire Truck 1934

When this Volvo entered service in the 1930s, fire trucks were almost a novelty; Sweden’s first fire truck came in 1902. With the LV70 series, Volvo took a step up in size to produce trucks that did not borrow parts from passenger cars. This fire truck has been part of Volvo’s collections since 1959.


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